australian mining bribery

australian mining bribery

OZ Minerals Cambodia bribery investigation ongoing Phnom

Apr 28, 20150183;32;The Australian Federal Police has been investigating Australian mining firm OZ Minerals since September over claims it engaged in bribery in Cambodia in 2009, according to an annual report from the firm released on April 2.

Australian Firm Involved in Bribery Scandal in Congo

An Australian mining firm operating in CongoBrazzaville is under investigation over an alleged attempt to bribe members of the first family as a kickback for rights to exclusive mining permits

Mining Overseas Know Your ABCs Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers

Mining overseas do you know your ABCs? 15/06/2017. Australian companies with overseas operations cannot afford to ignore the ever increasing reach of antibribery and corruption laws or to look the other way. Global trends suggest that Australian antibribery and corruption laws are likely to become more stringent and be enforced more

Corruption Currents Mining Companies Face Bribery Probes

Aug 26, 20160183;32;Two Australian mining companies are embroiled in bribery scandals that reach into the offices of the presidents of Sri Lanka and the Republic of

No bribes please, were corrupt Australians

May 30, 20160183;32;No bribes please, were corrupt Australians May 30, 2016 4.23pm EDT Australian politicians and civil servants do not accept bribes. but not because of bribery

Mining scandals four incidents that shook the industry

Mar 11, 20190183;32;BSGRs bribery in Guinea. In February 2019, Israeli mining company BSGR and founder Beny Steinmetz ended a fiveyear dispute with Guinea, with the investor agreeing to abandon the Simandou iron project in the country following allegations of corruption in the initial award of mining

Fraud, bribery claims rock coal mining

Feb 24, 20200183;32;Allegations of fake analysis of coal samples have erupted in Australias mining and testing industries, ensnaring a leading laboratory business and a small miner whose board boasts former

The Australian companies mining $40 billion out of Africa

Sep 10, 20170183;32;The Australian companies mining $40 billion out of Africa . Cato says combating bribery starts with tax and government payment transparency.


Australia 'failing' to tackle bribery by multinational

Australia stands accused of failing to tackle bribery by its multinational companies, with just one of 28 cases referred to the Federal Police for action ending in prosecution. Each year, the

Reputation on corruption a risk for Australian companies

Australias poor record of enforcing antibribery laws, as seen in the Australian Federal Polices failure to investigate allegations that mining company BHP had bribed officials at home and abroad, could make it harder for other companies to win overseas work, by tarring all companies with the same brush.


6 Executive Summary This Phase 4 report by the OECD Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions evaluates and makes recommendations on Australias implementation of the Convention on Combating

1605 Newcrest Antibribery and Corruption Policy

laws, such as the Australian Criminal Code, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act 2010, have extraterritorial reach. This means that, for example, under Australian law an Australian Newcrest Mining Limited AntiBribery and Corruption Policy 4

Unearthing corruption risks in mining approvals

Dec 05, 20170183;32;On the other side of the world in the coalrich Australian state of New South Wales, a former Mining Minister and a current government minister were charged with corruption in a 2015 case involving mining licences that involved complex and opaque company structures set up during the mining approvals process.

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Corruption Threatens Australias Defense Program The

The international standard for the prevention of bribery is ISO 37001, AntiBribery Management Systems. The Australian government should insist that all companies including foreignowned

Bribery Armstrong Legal

Mining and exploration companies are, like their counterparts in the oil and gas and defence industries, constantly having to deal with all manner of governments across the globe and this means that the risk of being exposed to a bribery charge is higher than it is for most other Australians.

Australian Miner Iluka Resources Reveals African Bribery

Aug 16, 20170183;32;Australian miner Iluka Resources uncovered that the firm it acquired last year engaged in bribery with senior government officials, The Sydney Morning Herald reported Monday.. Mine site in Australia (Photo enUserBlastcube, CC BYSA 3.0) In December, Iluka Resources acquired Londonlisted Sierra Rutile Ltd for AUD$375 million (US$ 294 million). A postacquisition investigation

Three jailed in Australias second foreign bribery

The sentencing judge rejected the argument that the bribery of a foreign public official in Iraq is considerably less serious than bribery of an Australian official. In doing so, her Honour considered the object and purpose of the Criminal Code in making bribery of foreign officials an offence in Australia.

Australia Corruption Report GAN Integrity

Judicial SystemCorruption is not an obstacle to business in Australia, which is known for its wellfunctioning and independent judiciary, transparent regulatory climate and overall low levels of corruption. However, corruption risks exist in relation to foreign bribery and the mining industry. The Criminal Code covers bribery of foreign and domestic public officials, while each of Australias states and territories has its own anticorruption provisions. Public sector and private sector bribery are addresse

Former Leighton Holdings executive alleges corruption over

Apr 22, 20160183;32;Former Leighton Holdings executive alleges corruption over $15m payment Senate could investigate foreign bribery claims against Australian corporations. Mining

Australian companies linked to bribe scandals in Sri Lanka

Aug 24, 20160183;32;Two Australian companies are embroiled in bribery scandals that reach into the offices of the presidents of Sri Lanka and the Republic of Congo, as

China Accuses Australian Mining Executives of Bribery

China is accusing four Shanghaibased executives of AngloAustralian mining company Rio Tinto of bribing Chinese steelmakers to obtain information during negotiations over global iron ore prices.

Bribery amp; Corruption Laws and Regulations Australia GLI

The second charges under Australian foreign antibribery laws were laid by the AFP in February 2015 against two directors of an Australian construction company, Lifese. The directors were charged with conspiracy to bribe a foreign public official in connection with building contracts in

Australian AntiBribery amp; Compliance Trends

Overall there is a concern that the Australian Governments unequivocal foreign antibribery rhetoric has not been translated into action. From a compliance perspective, this manifests in Australian laws being less relevant than international laws, e.g. FCPA, in terms establishing foreign anti

SEC Charges Australian Mining Company for FCPA Violations

PrinterFriendly Version. On May 20, 2015, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced a $25 million settlement with Australian mining company BHP Billiton (the quot;Companyquot;) to resolve Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) charges arising from the Companys sponsorship of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Bribery Open Development Cambodia (ODC)

AntiBribery Convention / Australian foreign bribery laws / Australian mining company / Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) / BHP Materials on the Open Development Cambodia (ODC) website and its accompanying database are compiled from publicly available documentation and provided without fee for general informational

Rio Tinto Employees Sentenced in Bribery Case The New

Mar 29, 20100183;32;Four employees of the BritishAustralian mining giant Rio Tinto, including an Australian citizen, were convicted by a Chinese court on Monday and sentenced to seven to 14 years in prison for accepting millions of dollars in bribes and stealing commercial secrets.

Nauru's president and justice minister allegedly bribed by

Jun 08, 20150183;32;Nauru's president and justice minister allegedly bribed by mining company Adeang at the centre of bribery claims involving Australian phosphate miner Getax

Australia 'failing' to tackle bribery by multinational

Australia stands accused of failing to tackle bribery by its multinational companies, with just one of 28 cases referred to the Federal Police for action ending in prosecution. Each year, the

BritishAustralian mining giant Rio London Mining

BritishAustralian mining giant Rio Tinto's London annual shareholde rs' meeting (AGM) is meant to be on Wednesday 8th April but they've not yet given confirmation about the format, given the lockdown. Meanwhile, the company has agreed to pay former CEO Sam Walsh US$4.5m in deferred bonus payments despite continuing bribery investigations, raising corporate governance concerns.


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