mineral percentage in ganoderma sp

mineral percentage in ganoderma sp

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Ganoderma is a basidiomycete white rot fungus which has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries particularly in China, Japan and Korea. A great deal of work has been carried out on Ganoderma lucidum.The common names for preparations include Lingzhi, Munnertake, Sachitake, Reishi and Youngzhi.

Mineral composition, antioxidant and cytotoxic

The aim of this work was to analyse mineral composition and chemical profile of two nonedible fungal species Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma applanatum (Fruka Gora, Serbia) vs. their antioxidant (ABTS and A.E.A.C. assay) and cytotoxic biopotentials (MTT assay on MCF7). Both species were analysed for their content of macro and microelements by atomic absorption spectrophotometry, while

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While gold rose the most in absolute dollar terms, base metals, led by copper and zinc, saw a higher percentage increase. On the other hand, lithium exploration budgets reached a new high of US$247.1 million, while cobalt saw the largest percentage increase of any commodity, more than tripling in 2018.

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Mar 17, 20170183;32;The genus Ganoderma is one of the best known of the so called medicinal mushrooms. It encompasses several woodinhabiting species with G. lucidum being the most widely recognized by the food industry .In China, G. lucidum has been used in traditional medicine for at least 2000 years as a medicinal mushroom for promoting health and longevity [2, 3].

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Sebagai saprofit, Jamur Ganoderma telah lama digunakan sebagai bahan obat bagi kesehatan manusia. Adanya peran ganda tersebut membuat jamur Ganoderma sp. menjadi menarik untuk dikaji dengan tujuan untuk memperkaya khasanah ilmu pengetahuan


mangium menjadi jenis yang dominan dipilih pada tipe lahan mineral. Akan tetapi, jenis ini mulai tergantikan oleh Eucalyptus sp. dikarenakan beberapa hal yang salah satunya adalah serangan hama dan penyakit. Serupa dengan A. mangium, Eucalyptus sp. sebenarnya memiliki jasa lingkungan sebagai sumber pakan lebah madu.

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Jul 16, 20180183;32;Species of Ganoderma, commonly called reishi (in Japan) or lingzhi (in China), have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, and their use has gained interest from pharmaceutical industries in recent years. Globally, the taxonomy of Ganoderma species is chaotic, and the taxon name Ganoderma lucidum has been used for most laccate (shiny) Ganoderma species. However, it is now

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mineral contents as the wild G. lucidum, and whether they contain amount of minerals in the right consumable amount as other species of Ganoderma mushroom which has been analyzed. This study analyzed the amount of Mhanda et al. 3217 Table 1. The proximate mineral composition of the domesticated Ganoderma mushrooms.

The effects of germanium and selenium on growth, metalloid

May 24, 20190183;32;Most of these studies have found levels of germanium (Ge) below detection limits while some others have detected it at levels ranging from a few 181;g kg 1 in Phellinus sp. to as much as approx. 1 mg kg 1 in Ganoderma sp. [18, 19]. Considering that Ge is a rare metalloid which is extracted in its inorganic form from mostly nonferrous

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Oct 03, 20180183;32;Ganoderma Lucidum appears to have general protective effects on the liver, and has shown efficacy in protecting the liver from mineral (cadmium) toxicity, [170] Dgalactosamine, [171] carbon tetrachloride, [172] benzo(a)pyrene, [173] Mycobacterium bovis infection, [174] and

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Apr 25, 20140183;32;Valuable amounts of essential nutrients (16.79% 177;0.13 CP, 7.77% 177;0.34 CF, 3.2% +1.20 ash, 1.52% +0.09 fat, and 1.52% +0.09 fatty acids and minerals were also detected in the wild mushroom (Ganoderma sp).

Reduced toxicity of malachite green decolorized by laccase

Nov 11, 20140183;32;where, A c is the absorbance of the control and, A t is the absorbance of the test sample. Effect of enzyme dose on decolorization of malachite green by laccase. The effect of laccase dose on decolorization of malachite green was studied by incubating 100 mg/l of dye solution (pH 5.5) with different enzyme activity levels (1040 U/ml) at 30 176;C and 150 rpm.


Ganoderma is a genus of polypore fungi in the family Ganodermataceae that includes about 80 species, many from tropical regions. Because of their genetic diversity , use in traditional Asian medicines , and potential in bioremediation , they are an important genus economically.

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Ganoderma lucidum more commonly known as reishi mushroom is a bitter mushroom, used for thousands of years by Chinese medicine in the treatment of multiple ailments. Called the mushroom of immortality, it is an adaptogen, which assists the body in adapting to both mental and physical stress.

Middleredox potential laccase from Ganoderma sp. its

Jan 01, 20130183;32;Middleredox potential laccase from Ganoderma sp. its application in improvement of feed for monogastric animals. Find the latest peerreviewed research articles and preprints on Coronavirus here. Feedback Complete survey. Sign in or create an account

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Jul 16, 20180183;32;Three groups (1.11.3) in this clade consisted of strains from Ganoderma sp. Five strains of Ganoderma wiiroense were grouped in 1.1 and supported by

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The present invention discloses a composition, method of preparation of said composition and method of biologically controlling fungal infection in plants, particularly the basal stem rot disease primarily caused by Ganoderma species. Said composition comprises of actinomycetes bacteria from Streptomyces species, and one type of microbial carrier.

Comparison of multielemental composition of Polish and

Keywords Bioaccumulation 183; Elements 183; Ganoderma spp. 183; Mineral composition 183; Wild and cultivated mushrooms Introduction The genus Ganoderma is one of the best known of the so called medicinal mushrooms. It encompasses several woodinhabiting species with G. lucidum being the most widely recognized by the food industry [1]. In China, G.

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mineral composition of the wild . Ganoderma lucidum. from Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria. The objective was to highlight the implication of utilizing the wild mushroom in poultry production. MATERIALS AND METHODS . Collection and identification of wild Ganoderma lucidum. The wild Ganoderma species of mushrooms were collected

The effects of utilizing melon husk meal with Engormix

Apr 25, 20140183;32;Group 3 and 6 also had higher ash content, which may be due to the presence of high minerals in the ingredients (melon husk and mushroom). Diets of group 2 and 5 had the least crude protein and ash content (Table 5). Table.1 Composition of broiler starter diet (23% cp) with or without melon husk meal and wild mushroom (Ganoderma sp) and enzyme

Proximate, Mineral and AntiNutrient Composition of Wild

Some wild Ganoderma lucidum were found growing on logs of dead wood and tree stumps at different location of the Nasarawa State College of Agriculture, Lafia and the Faculty of Agriculture, Lafia Campus, during the wet rainy season. The matured fruiting bodies seen as red open caps were removed for proximate, mineral and antinutrient evaluation.

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Jan 22, 20170183;32;A line of massive elms (Ulmus sp.) exists quite nearby to my place of work, and I thought Id take a look at them today during a break as some have, as they have hollowedout over time, fallen.On top of hacking off quite a large bumblebee in a hollow stump, I came across a fine example of a Ganoderma (suspected G. australe) that had existed prior to its host elm falling, and following its

Utilization of Melon Husk with Wild Mushroom (Ganoderma

+1.20 ash, 1.52% +0.09 fat, and 1.52% +0.09 fatty acids and minerals were also detected in the wild mushroom (Ganoderma sp). The levels of antinutrients (tannins, phytates, oxalates, trypsin inhibitors and saponins) detected in the melon husks were very low (less than 5%).

Molecular Analysis of Ganoderma species from Different

The results from the present study showed that RAPD and PCRRFLP of ITS+5.8S regions could be used in characterization and taxonomic analysis of Ganoderma species from different hosts. Both techniques could also provide rapid procedure for differentiation of Ganoderma species in

Influence of Food Waste Compost on the Yield and Mineral

The objectives of this study were to evaluate applicability of food waste compost (FWC) as a substrate for cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum, Lentinula edodes, and Pholiota adipose, and to determine contents of Ca, Mg, Na, and K in fruiting bodies (FB).FB yield per substrate in FWCfree controls was 53 177; 4 g/kg for G. lucidum, 270 177; 90 g/kg for L. edodes, and 1,430 177; 355 g/kg for P. adipose.

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The three major minerals in decreasing order were K gt; P gt; S. Ganoderma sp. strain AM1 showed the highest antioxidant activity. This study reveals, for the first time, chemical characteristics of Ganoderma spp. which grew simultaneously on the same tree.

Genome analysis of medicinal Ganoderma spp. with plant

Genome analysis of medicinal Ganoderma spp. with plantpathogenic and saprotrophic lifestyles. Fruiting bodies and mycelium are furthermore worthy sources of terpenoids, mineral elements, vitamins and selections of amino acids. Ganoderma sp. strain 10597 SS1

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Jul 09, 20180183;32;There is no safe recommended dosage of ganoderma extract, but a 2015 Cochrane Review cited research that used 1.4 to 3 grams of ganoderma per day. As always, speak with your doctor to find a dose appropriate to your age, gender, and medical condition.

Oral Administration of Aqueous Extract from Moringa

Oral Administration of Aqueous Extract from Moringa oleifera Seed, Gum Arabic and Wild Mushroom (Ganoderma sp) Effect on Growth Performance of Broiler Chickens in Comparison with Antibiotic A. O. Ogbe*, S. B. Ombugadu, O. A. DanAzumi and F. Ayuba